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Interview with Bob Pixel

Interview with Bob Pixel

Rise Africa: Are you a self taught photographer or did you have a mentor that showed you the ropes? Bob Pixel: I studied graphic designing for my 1st degree in KNUST and photography was one of the subjects you had to pass before getting the degree. That’s how I developed the interest and acquired the … Continue reading

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Rise Africa Organization: Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a safe place for young Africans across the globe to connect with one another and share their struggles, triumphs, fears, courage, shortcomings, and strengths; a place for them to share their lives. Along with educating our youth on Africa’s richness, we look to build a strong community of like-minded young peope who can speak on various topics with the confidence that their voice will be heard. We look to establish an online community where interested individuals can gather to discuss the current events of Africa, educate one another, and look for ways to cultivate the great promise of the continent. Visit the "Meet Our Team" section of our website for more insight or contact information on particular individuals on our team.

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I will be a Humming bird – Wangari Maathai

The story of the hummingbird is about this huge forest being consumed by a fire. All the animals in the forest come out as they watch the forest burning, feeling very overwhelmed, powerless, except this little hummingbird.. It says: “I’m going to do something about the fire”.. So it flies to the nearest stream, takes a drop of water and puts it on the fire.. and goes up and down, up and down, up and down, as fast as it can.... click link to continue reading

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