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Our Africa is not Your Africa

Our Africa is not Your Africa. When we picture Africa our sight isn’t overwhelmed with visions of starving children dressed in meager clothing but we see our little cousins, nephews and nieces wrapped in the finest of cloth pronouncing bold colors and audacious patterns, smiling from ear to ear. Our Africa is not Your Africa. We don’t think of bankruptcy but substantial wealth. Richness not only in personality but flowing fountains dressed in finances. We don’t see exhausted dirt on a poor peasant’s property but soil that roots a land of milk and honey.

Our Africa is not Your Africa. You see dirt roads that have been abandoned and boast a poor infrastructure. We see paths that have been bravely traveled, laying a foundation for the future. We see roads of opportunities that disappear into the horizon. We see a connection, linking the old rich history of our African ancestors to the bright future of tomorrow. Our Africa is not Your Africa. We don’t share the same cultural perspective. We can’t view our land through a one-dimensional lense. We don’t allow media to pollute what we know to be true. We have a different social reality. So you focus on all that you believe to be wrong with our land and infiltrate your support to appease your guilt. As a result you hear “Africa” and think of how you can help her. But we hear “Africa” and think of how she has helped us. How she birthed us. How she cultured us. Educated us. How she harvested knowledge, wisdom, persistence and a triumphant mentality in our minds. How we are reaping all the benefits she has bestowed upon us, and how we can graciously return the favor and replenish her. We see Nigeria. Cambodia. Ghana. Cameroon. Ethiopia. Togo. Uganda. Sudan and Zimbabwe. We see our flag and envision our people. We see our village, our nation, our continent and feel a sense of pride. You see embarrassment, we seek embrace. You see poverty, we see prosperity. Our Africa is not Your Africa.

-Beulah Osueke


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