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Promising African continent keeps CNN foothold firm

CNN International will likely increase its investment and expand its foothold on the African continent on its insight that Africa is beginning to realise its potential to the full.
Tony Maddox, the executive vice president/managing director, CNN International, said in an interview that though Africa has always had an enormous amount of potential, but in the recent time, the continent is beginning to realise those potential.

Maddox who oversees international newsgathering, under whom CNN has expanded its editorial operations to Kabul, Afghanistan; Lagos, Nigeria; Nairobi, Kenya; Mumbai, India, and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates said Africa is a big part of CNN and believed that this will continue to grow. “CNN has invested in a hub in East Africa and Lagos and have also increased our investment in our Johannesburg bureau. All of this means we are better able to respond to stories across the continent, such as those emerging from Somalia at the moment,” he said

He said that though Atlanta will continue to be the hub of CNN operation, but it has used regional hubs to give sharper focus throughout the world. For example, we made an important investment in our Abu Dhabi bureau, which has made a fantastic contribution to CNN coverage in the Middle East – and given a lot to our audiences throughout the world.
“Our Africa bureaux are already a very important part of the CNN global jigsaw, and the investment we made and continue to make in them is recognition of Africa’s importance. As Africa changes, I’m sure our investment in our Africa operation will change in tandem.”

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