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Kwabena Klassics: A new twist on the African Aesthetic

The colorful, vibrant clothe that we know as African prints or African textiles have been used in West African countries long before they began to grace runways all over the world. Aside from being used for day-to day wear, particular prints such as the Ghanaian Kente were used ceremoniously among royalty for ages. Recently West African textiles have been seen in different corners of the globe because of two major factors that I believe make it highly desirable. Primarily, these textiles are usually bold and colorful. They come in a wide array of intricately designs patterns that exude the vibrant richness and animated nature of West African culture. Secondly the fabrics are not cumbersome in any way. They are easy to maneuver in terms of cutting and sewing where the designer does not have to be too worried about ruining the fabric. These factors add to the versatility and ultimately the popularity of West African prints. Kwabena Klassics is a Ghanaian designer based in Chicago, Illinois who uses the versatility of African prints to its full potential. He uses authentic Ghanaian prints along with silks, chiffons and velvets to create sophisticated avant-garde silhouettes. His pieces blend the effervescence of African prints and the luxury of other fabrics harmoniously creating a striking balance. Kwabena’s designs also shine a new light on the African aesthetic. The use of textiles adds an interesting twist to the norms of African fashion. The pieces are highly sophisticated and demand a certain level of poise. His designs use a western approach to complement the regel blondness of African print. This concept is very inspiring and illustrates the flexibility of African culture as a whole.

Sources: Photo Credit: Mireya Acierto | Models: Annick Martin & Shaya Ali
For More information on Kwabena Klassics please visit :

-Joy Otibu |


One thought on “Kwabena Klassics: A new twist on the African Aesthetic

  1. Thanks so much Nataal! These photos are grooegus. We had such a great time with you, you made us feel so comfortable and relaxed. What a beautiful keepsake .xo, Di and Sue

    Posted by Chinedu | May 20, 2012, 6:32 PM

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