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“The Blind Seer” by: Ama Asantewa

The Blind Seer

There’s light at the end of the doorway
But the media’s hands blocks the sun rays
Our eyes are wide open, but we never seem to see,
The progress Africa has made, even though the road’s been bumpy

The media is a black body; absorbing all but radiating what it perceives to be the standard
The masses soak it all up, without questioning its credibility and if it’s been altered.
Why put a dark label on a black bottle?
How do you hear the people speak of growth when it’s their neck you throttle?

If you can believe any ad
Then the people must be going mad
Subjectivity pumped through the airwaves
Flashy headlines and eye-catching leads is the new way

The colonial image has become the media’s image and not everyone cares
Africa’s rebirth can only show if renaissance is re-engineered

-Ama Asantewa Diaka


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