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Fashion Spot-Light: Rodney Bona Boakye (Kumasi Street Style)

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It’s always refreshing to see every day people taking fashion risks and daring to be different. That’s the first thing that caught my eye about Rodney. In a society where most people strive to fit in it’s inspiring to see someone effortlessly standing out. Rodney fuses clean crisp lines with earth tones and pops of color creating a style I like to call “Afro-Prep”…Catchy huh?

Here are some of Rodney’s thoughts on his style and fashion in general.

How do you refine your style?

I refine my style by being prepared through spending time thinking about how I look, writing a rough style concept for myself and also taking daily outfit photos and trying to figure out what works for me.

What colors do you love to wear and what colors do you shy away from?

I love black even though it isn’t considered “fashion’s favorite color”. Generally when it comes to fashion I don’t have one particular color that I always wear. I mix things together to create the perfect combination that will compliment my skin tone.

Who inspires your fashion sense?

A very good friend of mine named Paa Kwadwo and Kissi of Street Etiquette are the people who really inspire my fashion sense, oh and you (laughs)

Who are some of your favorite designers?

Levi Strauss, Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Lacoste and Giorgio Armani

Do you participate in the fashion community in your area?

No, I don’t participate in the fashion community in my area because there’s really nothing like that here so I just do things on my own.

What are some of your fashion pet peeves?

I hate seeing people dressed out of style and with colors that just don’t make any sense (laughs)

Do you believe in splurging when it comes to what you wear?

I don’t really believe in splurging once you can plan a budget for what you wear. You wouldn’t want what you wear to cause you to spend extravagantly or wastefully.

What item are you currently looking for to add to your collection?

V Neck T-Shirts

What advice would you give to guys who want to become more daring in the way they dress?

I would advice them to focus on everything they do, try to overcome shyness, have the courage to do what they want to, ignore the negative things that people will say and try to move on in a positive way.

-Joy Otibu


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