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Beautiful Africa

Beautiful Africa. How often do you find the adjective “beautiful” used in relation to Africa? How many people see Africa as a beautiful place not only to visit as a tourist but to stay and raise a family? How are the African people viewed? Is our inner beauty seen? Are our smiles pictured and laughter imagined?

I can’t say that we are tired of smiling, we will continue to smile because we know what we have and we cherish it, a treasure of unknown value, our family system. Our families make us. We don’t belong to small families, we belong to entire communities. Every tribe member is family. We’re one big beautiful family, responsible for one another, accountable for each other. A strong sense of family is the foundation for our societies. I think it’s only right that we emphasize to people all that we stand for. Africa’s not just about beautiful vistas or hungry kids, African communities are about strong people with aspirations and hopes supporting one another. We’re about people working hard to make ends meet for their families. We’re about sharing. We’re about recognizing everyone as special and unique. We’re about being there for one another despite whatever trial is thrown our way, despite whatever challenge we’re facing, trying to tear us apart.

-Christian Yebuah


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