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Little drops of innovative thoughts…make a better Africa

“After we’re done weeping for Africa and calling for her to rise up, we know that the fate of the continent is in our hands. We’re the ones who hold the reins to her future” These words seared my conscience after reading an article by Malaka Gyekye; an article about the true state of the African intellectual. We have scores of brainy individuals, yet very few inventions, very few life-changing, life improving, dependent initiatives. And the very few that we have are not in the limelight to be pushed further. We may not have built a large enough fire to keep us warm in the cold, but we certainly are gathering wood.

Two organizations that are on this path are Guerilla Growl and Love Rocks.

Love Rocks Organization is a Non-Governmental Organization set up by young Ghanaian women in Ghana and the diaspora to get involved in developing Africa’s most important resource; its youth. Their upcoming project is mentoring program for junior high students. The objective of the mentoring program is to help students learn and retain more by providing a less rigid way of teaching. Students are accustomed to memorizing lessons only to reproduce it in an exam and forget. The aim is to help them understand their lessons and consequently retain what they learn. They want to enable them to be creative in their learning and thinking process such that they acquire knowledge that is essential not only for the classroom but also outside the classroom and for solving real life situations. The purpose of the program at the end of the day is to inject creativity in to their learning process and eliminate the CPPF method: (Chew Pass Pour Forget) For more information on Love Rock’s mentoring project visit or send an email to

Guerilla Growl is an initiative by Ama van Dantzig and Lynn Zebeda (collectively called ‘Dr Monk’) harnessing the power of young conscious artists, entrepreneurs and thinkers (from Accra to Amsterdam) to raise awareness and generate discussion on world hunger. In November, they joined forces with the Open Air Stock Exchange and poets from Ehalakasa to host a Flashmob on Osu Oxford Street. Besides performing to music fashioned (by the multitalented Jahwi) from the sounds of an empty growling stomach, the group hosted a quiz on world hunger as well as a ‘world meal’ based on a calculation of how much of a particular crop each person should be able to consume per day. To find out more about Guerilla Growl’s January event, visit

-Ama Asantewaa


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