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Women on the Move! Nnenna Okore: Nigeria

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Born and raised in Nsukka, Nigeria, Nnnena Okore has emerged as one of the leading artists of her generation. Her interesting and abstract works are based on the colors and textures of her surrounding environment. Okore focuses on the regeneration and beautification of discarded material using mostly recycled material as well as an array of techniques to create abstract sculptures. Her materials are usually biodegradable and consist largely of old newspapers, rope, fibers, burlap, dye, coffee, clay etc. Her technique is time consuming and labor intensive but is inspired by her observations of Nigerians performing daily tasks. Her process includes weaving, sewing, twisting and dying.

Okore is an associate professor as well as the chair of the art department at the North Park University in Chicago. There she teaches advanced studio drawing, sculpture, and spatial art. She earned her bachelors in painting from the University of Nigeria in 1999 and afterwards received an M.A and M.F.A in sculpture from the University of Iowa in 2004 and 2005. Her work has been widely exhibited in prestigious museums both nationally and international and she is the recent recipient of the 2012 Fulbright Scholar Award.

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-Joy Otibu


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