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Crystal Tettey; A revolutionary piece of Africa’s puzzle

“Punctured emotions find solace in intellectual erection
Who knew you would let me crawl
In the dark crevices of your unexplored mind….
Your mind turns me on…”

Internationally acclaimed Spoken word artist, singer and collagist, Crystal Tettey is a revolutionary piece of Africa’s puzzle. This Malagasy-Ghanaian possesses a voice that makes you want to close your eyes and get lost in a perfect world. “I seek to use my music and poetry to positively transform lives, especially the African youth. I also hope to draw attention, through art, to critical social issues. I address the issues that confront the youth everywhere, including warfare and homophobia” she says passionately. One of the most creative individuals I have had the pleasure of meeting. She steers away from the stereotype and the mundane. You can hear it in her songs, feel her sincerity, see it from the uniqueness of her appearance, (who else makes ribbons out of shoe laces?) And in her poetry that stimulates the minds of the masses

“Those who sucked the breasts of Africa
Tell how flaccid she has become
By show of arms they demonstrate their anger,
Their conscience schooled by poverty…”

Crystal is an inspiration; she is undeterred in her pursuit for love, peace and happiness despite the challenges she faces.

“Almost as sacred as religion
Almost as sustaining as our faith
Almost as erratic as our desires
Almost as a incredible as a miracle
Almost doesn’t quite describe
That almost insane feeling”

Her poetry and singing leads the way to a better her and a better generation.

[excerpts of poetry from Crystal’s poetry book, “Love, MadaGhana”

-Ama Diaka


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