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Wrap up: April 2012 “The African Woman”

April’s coming to an end and so is our series of posts dedicated to “The African Woman.” During the course of this month we shined light on everyday heroes and appreciated their work and commitment to not only ensuring that their families function but their communities as well. We explored the works of poets, authors, artists, and entrepreneurs. We emphasized the importance of the African woman, and gave her the acknowledgement and recognition for her strength. We bragged on our mothers, sisters, aunties, grandmothers, and complete strangers. We praised women who have impacted us; the women who embody the essence of the African Woman. Click this link to see our entire collection of posts dedicated to April’s theme.

We would like to thank all who spread word about our contest “The African Woman.” Our winners are who will each receive a free Africa is Done Suffering shirt are Aasiyah Jasmine Abdulsalam,who wrote “The African Woman, Essence of Cohesion,” and Ivie Enoma, who wrote “Dr. Grace Ogiehor-Enoma.” Thank you ladies, we appreciate your participation and congratulations.

We are growing tremendously as an organization and we’d like to thank our readers for our expansion. Our numbers on our social networking sites are growing and we’ve been able to spread the word about our mission through those who support our cause. In the course of April we were able to recruit four new team members: Jonathan Douglas, Olawale Okunrinboye, Ihechiluru Osueke, and Nuerki Nortey. As a team we will all do our best to continue producing relate-able works that encourage pride in your African ancestry, educate you on past, present, and future African heroes, and strengthen your voice in telling the world Africa is done suffering.

We are looking for a better representation of the entire Continent of Africa so we are in search of East and North Africans to add to the team. If you, or other people that you know, are from these regions and interested in joining us, please contact us at info@africaisdonesuffering. We would greatly appreciate your contributions as a team member.

Next month we will be bringing you a new theme with new content and new information, stories, videos, and experiences to share. Thank you all for reading, and thank you for the continued support. We appreciate you all!

-Beulah Osueke


One thought on “Wrap up: April 2012 “The African Woman”

  1. christianMarch 7, 2012Nzambe aza le seul oyo aktakia bana na ye, okueya to te soki oza ya ye akokangela porte mokolo moko te. j’ai bcoup appre9cier votre nouvel album c’est un travail des pro. Bcoup du succes avec Je9sus Christ. ba mbote ata tomonana kala. Christian muana maman Mabele bye

    Posted by Chhandak | May 22, 2012, 8:15 PM

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