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Who Is African?

The question of “Who is African?” and what it means to the African Diaspora is a long, complex and powerful question that often makes everyone in the room somewhat uncomfortable, a little perturbed, some even indifferent. However the question has to be answered, because the more one tries to siphon themselves from answering it, the … Continue reading

Respect our women. Respect all women.

I do not know what it’s like in other African countries, but in Ghana on Mother’s Day, there are always a multitude of radio requests dedicated to the special women who gave life. People always call in asking the DJ to play a song for their mother, the person who has forever been the foundation … Continue reading

The Thing That Happened

I’m pretty sure a video like this won’t go viral though it deserves to, but please watch it. 20 minutes of Ugandans rebuilding. Addressing the same issues as the Kony 2012 campaign but in a proactive and non-demeaning manner. Africans helping Africans. Watch and be touched. Please visit for more information on this organization … Continue reading


Mentalities of Hope Meet Ama. Her parents are hard-workers; She and her siblings have everything they need and a little extra. She goes to private school and most of her friends are like her: middle class Ghanaians. One day she decides to water the little garden in front of her house. She extends the garden … Continue reading

The African Image

When the continent of Africa is mentioned, most often than not the first Image that comes to the average person’s mind is one of a “dark continent” characterized by primeval irrationality, tribal anarchy, civil war, political instability, flagrant corruption, incompetent leadership and managerial ineptitude, hunger, famine and starvation as well as rampant diseases, especially AIDS. … Continue reading

Should Nigeria Split?

Should Nigeria Split? “This month, the BBC asked in a trenchant rep ort, “Is Nigeria on the brink?” It’s a question that, in my 12 years of Nigeria-watching, I’ve heard international observers ask about Nigeria many times. Is this latest episode the end-game, the opening act of the collapse of Africa’s most populous nation-state — … Continue reading