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Prevention is Awareness, Education, and Action.

Every 24 hours, approximately 3,600 people in Sub-Saharan Africa die from HIV/AIDS. Approximately 22 mil are living with HIV/AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa already. The population of Africa as of 2010 was approx. 800.6mil. Question: if the virus continues at this rate, how long will it take before Sub-Saharan Africans are totally wiped out from … Continue reading

Teach Our Children; Who else will?

Thoughts are flowing and so I wanted to piggyback off of Dee’s post really quickly. I think it’s so important that we plant into the minds of our young ones their history, and not a history that began with chains but a history that narrates the lives of African ancestors long forgotten and often overshadowed. … Continue reading

Reclaiming our History; Reaching our Children

Whether one was born in Africa and now lives in a Western country, or was born in the Western world but identifies as an African descendant, somehow, someway we are influenced by a Euro-centric mentality. Is it because of the schools we go to? The people we’re constantly around? The media and the messages that … Continue reading

The Thing That Happened

I’m pretty sure a video like this won’t go viral though it deserves to, but please watch it. 20 minutes of Ugandans rebuilding. Addressing the same issues as the Kony 2012 campaign but in a proactive and non-demeaning manner. Africans helping Africans. Watch and be touched. Please visit for more information on this organization … Continue reading

Rwanda partners with Carnegie Mellon university to establish tech-savvy institution

As part of her quest to move from an agricultural-based economy to a knowledge-based economy, Rwanda has welcome Carnegie Mellon University to establish an annex in the country to boost the development of Information Communication Technology (ICT). The university which will operate in Kigali will offer a Master of Science programme. It will focus on … Continue reading