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Prevention is Awareness, Education, and Action.

Every 24 hours, approximately 3,600 people in Sub-Saharan Africa die from HIV/AIDS. Approximately 22 mil are living with HIV/AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa already. The population of Africa as of 2010 was approx. 800.6mil. Question: if the virus continues at this rate, how long will it take before Sub-Saharan Africans are totally wiped out from … Continue reading

Beautiful Africa

Beautiful Africa. How often do you find the adjective “beautiful” used in relation to Africa? How many people see Africa as a beautiful place not only to visit as a tourist but to stay and raise a family? How are the African people viewed? Is our inner beauty seen? Are our smiles pictured and laughter … Continue reading


The Top 5 Reasons Divorce Rate is Low in Africa With Valentine’s day having been just last week, we’d thought it’d be appropriate to share with you guys the top 5 reasons why the divorce rate is low in Africa in comparison to other continents. Overall, marriages are coordinated in ritualistic procedures. “African weddings are … Continue reading

Dimeji and Damilola: Abuja Wedding Highlights

Dimeji and Damilola: Abuja Wedding Highlights from leye olumide on Vimeo. By Leye Olumide

A Nigerian Love Story

Chidi & Deborah By Marc Roberts.Video Found Here: