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Mentalities of Hope Meet Ama. Her parents are hard-workers; She and her siblings have everything they need and a little extra. She goes to private school and most of her friends are like her: middle class Ghanaians. One day she decides to water the little garden in front of her house. She extends the garden … Continue reading

In Need of an Exodus

When it came to patriotism, no American citizen was as determined to scream his allegiance to the States as much as Eddy. Originally from Nigeria, he had come to the USA, a wide-eyed, overzealous foreign student; a sponge, willing to soak up everything about the much disseminated and celebrated American culture. It didn’t take long before he dropped … Continue reading

New Design; You like?

As you can see, our blog has been undergoing some reconstruction as of late. We got a new layout and we’ve finally found one that we’re sticking with. Do you like it? Yay? Nay? Don’t care? Tell us what you think. Also don’t hesitate to tell us any suggestions you have for the display of … Continue reading

Africa through the Western Media’s Eye

Koshie shut her door to drown the sound of the radio her father had blaring at full volume. Flipping through each channel was likened to painfully watching the evils fly out of Pandora’s Box. The sad part was that the crowd was more interested in the circles that the spirits were running in, than in … Continue reading

Should Nigeria Split?

Should Nigeria Split? “This month, the BBC asked in a trenchant rep ort, “Is Nigeria on the brink?” It’s a question that, in my 12 years of Nigeria-watching, I’ve heard international observers ask about Nigeria many times. Is this latest episode the end-game, the opening act of the collapse of Africa’s most populous nation-state — … Continue reading

Our Africa is not Your Africa

Our Africa is not Your Africa. When we picture Africa our sight isn’t overwhelmed with visions of starving children dressed in meager clothing but we see our little cousins, nephews and nieces wrapped in the finest of cloth pronouncing bold colors and audacious patterns, smiling from ear to ear. Our Africa is not Your Africa. … Continue reading