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Ode to Him

The Promise Ode to him Criss-crossed pathways Across oceans and trade ways Divided arbitrarily by lines On rectangular shapes Mimicking a vast circulitude No matter the fortune Of their tongues emanating Tones of respective continents We must love the hues The inception Central in nature The clutching Roots existence Questioned by evergreen leaves The inception … Continue reading

The African Man

Look! Our warrior? Yes, he is a conqueror Riding as a victor to war His glory will never fade like the memories of the dinosaur His strength, I adore His love, I wish for His pride, I ignore For pride leads to a fall Look! My father? Yes, he is my provider The roof I … Continue reading

Men on the Move: Ishmael Beah

Ishmael Beah is the personification of resilience and hope. Stories like his have been told to the world, tainted with perspective, biases and emotion. Rarely are they told in their purest form. Ishmael Beah is able to give readers this perspective in his novel A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of A Boy Soldier. Beah was … Continue reading

Coming Home

I met her during one of my visits to the local library in Lartebiokorshie. I was a young lad of 11 years and she was of an age unknown. She was the strangest woman I had ever met. She was young yet old, beautiful yet her skin had deep scars marking it. I sat beside … Continue reading

Oh Africa

Africa, my Africa Mother of all nations, the sleeping Lion Her throne was set firmly on Zion Where is her greatness? Where are all her loved ones? Scattered in foreign lands Africa, wake up! Wake up and look at your kingdom Your land is being run by thieves Your leaders are now slaves The air … Continue reading

Women on the Move! Khanyi Dhlomo: South Africa

Khanyi Dhlomo had an extraordinary start to her career in the media in 1995. At the age of 20, she made history as the first black newscaster in South Africa. After the abolition of the apartheid in South Africa, corporations were forced to embrace the idea of a united country and this idea had to … Continue reading

Nameless Woman

I had the great opportunity to study abroad at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa for a semester. The experience was truly a personal epiphany in so many aspects. South Africa is a country where the aftermaths of Apartheid are still very relevant. It is seen in the social issues, the interactions between people, … Continue reading


Of what use is a dream? Of what use is a a good plan or thought? Why fill your heart to the brim With good intentions and not walk the path? Of fulfilling them. Dreamers are as useful as fruit trees heavy with leaves but no fruits. You see the potential and the promise of … Continue reading

In Need of an Exodus

When it came to patriotism, no American citizen was as determined to scream his allegiance to the States as much as Eddy. Originally from Nigeria, he had come to the USA, a wide-eyed, overzealous foreign student; a sponge, willing to soak up everything about the much disseminated and celebrated American culture. It didn’t take long before he dropped … Continue reading

“The Blind Seer” by: Ama Asantewa

The Blind Seer There’s light at the end of the doorway But the media’s hands blocks the sun rays Our eyes are wide open, but we never seem to see, The progress Africa has made, even though the road’s been bumpy The media is a black body; absorbing all but radiating what it perceives to … Continue reading

Keyti: Poetry in the Street (Dakar, Senegal)

Keyti: Poetry in the Street (Dakar, Senegal) from Nomadic Wax on Vimeo.