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The African Woman Contest Submission: Dr. Grace Ogiehor-Enoma

Dr. Grace Ogiehor-Enoma. My mother is by far the strongest, most determined and selfless woman I have ever met. I am not saying this because she is my mother. I am saying this because it is true. How many people can say that their mother has six children, has founded a national non-for-profit nursing organization … Continue reading

Contest Submission: The African Woman, Essence of Cohesion

The air conditioner had broken down in Murtala Muhammed airport again. Hot, humid, surrounded by masses of bustling people, I grew restless waiting in the check-in queue. I guess my mother grew restless too, of my moans and hushed profanities when someone shoved me to get by. She pressed too much money in my palm … Continue reading

Nameless Woman

I had the great opportunity to study abroad at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa for a semester. The experience was truly a personal epiphany in so many aspects. South Africa is a country where the aftermaths of Apartheid are still very relevant. It is seen in the social issues, the interactions between people, … Continue reading

Prevention is Awareness, Education, and Action.

Every 24 hours, approximately 3,600 people in Sub-Saharan Africa die from HIV/AIDS. Approximately 22 mil are living with HIV/AIDS in Sub Saharan Africa already. The population of Africa as of 2010 was approx. 800.6mil. Question: if the virus continues at this rate, how long will it take before Sub-Saharan Africans are totally wiped out from … Continue reading


As a kid I always loved Hiphop. As far as I can remember at age 3, I would bump Public enemy and Mc Hammer all day and be in a state of utter euphoria. I considered myself a “Hiphop Head”. Growing up in Ghana there were lots of other “Hiphop head” kids like me. We … Continue reading

The Problem with a Proud African

People have always claimed that I “don’t look African” so growing up I was never ridiculed or teased for my African roots. But my supposed deceiving appearance did not shield me from the insulting questions and reactions I received upon informing people of my Nigerian heritage and African background. Even today, whenever people find out … Continue reading

The Whole Story

I would like to begin this brief discussion with a short anecdote: I was about 8 years in elementary and very excited about class picture day. Not so much because of narcissism but because I was very proud of my outfit. While most girls that age had on bejeweled Baby Phat or Rocawear denim outfits … Continue reading