About Us

Rise Africa was founded in 2011 due to a frustration concerning the lack of positive perceptions of Africa. We began manufacturing and selling t-shirts in hopes of raising funds that would help to highlight and facilitate the advancements taking place across the continent. Rise Africa has developed into an organization that seeks to rid Africa from it’s insulting perception and raise Afrocentric social consciousness. We know that the task is massive, but we seek to move towards our vision of a Risen Africa one step at a time.

The phrase Africa is Done Suffering is in no way intended to dismiss or disregard the past and present struggles endured by Africans. We fully acknowledge the challenges that Africans face on a daily basis, including the staggering AIDS rate among people of African descent around the world. This disease has produced a grievous tide of devastation across the continent. It is in the face of these struggles that we find our mission. Rather than lament the difficulties, we seek to invest our efforts in the promise of a better tomorrow.

We are geared towards action the kind of action that will vocalize the frustrations of our people as well as change the media-enhanced perception of Africa as the world’s handicapped continent. We are encouraged by the positive attributes of Ethiopia, Nigeria, Kenya and Uganda. We want to highlight the wealth of Ghana, Somalia, North and South Sudan and Zimbabwe. We find hope in the unquenchable spirit of Angolans, South Africans, Congolese, and Senegalese. We are empowered by the strength of Cameroon, Burundi, Tanzania Mali and all of the countries of Africa. For this reason we declare that Africa Is Done Suffering.

From a retail aspect, our mission is to provide quality clothing to our customers while also supporting and publicizing organizations that promote positivity in African nations. A percentage of the proceeds from each purchase will go towards such organizations. This facet of our organization is a commercial enterprise, but beyond that we are about hope, knowledge and positive actions rather than the despair that is often associated with Africa.

From a communications aspect, our goal is to raise the image of Africa not only in the eyes of the world but also amongst Africa’s own people. We seek to enable the growth of pride amongst young Africans in reference to their heritage, culture, family traditions, and overall respective countries. Our mission is to provide a safe place for young Africans across the globe to connect with one another and share their struggles, triumphs, fears, courage, shortcomings, and strengths; a place for them to share their lives. Along with educating our youth on Africa’s richness, we look to build a strong community of like-minded young peope who can speak on various topics with the confidence that their voice will be heard. We look to establish an online community where interested individuals can gather to discuss the current events of Africa, to educate one another, and to look for ways to cultivate the great promise of the continent.

Our mission is to use communication as a tool to bring together young Africans who are scattered amongst the nations. We look to promote unity and build a strong connection amongst the disconnected through the expression of individual opinions, ideas, hopes, and dreams. If you have ever wanted to make a difference, this is one way that you can.

Get involved with this social movement, and let’s educate the world on our Africa.

Click Here to make a donation to our organization | E-mail us and join our team: info@africaisdonesuffering.com


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